Sunday, January 13, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Hello and thanks for stopping by! I've been wanting to start a blog for months....and finally have. I hope that it'll be a fun and easy way for me to stay in touch with friends and family, and to answer the question ......Where in the World? Susan, that I get asked so often (not that I mind!).

For those who are interested, I also plan to share photos of my current scrapbooking projects.

I look forward to this new journey of blogging and hope you'll join me now and then!


Margaret B said...

Hey Susan -
Great Blog!
Love your formatting, layout, and pix!
You go Girl!

Dimabe said...

Hi Susan! i love that you have a blog. I have been thinking about doing a blog as well but I think that I will wait a little longer but I will love reading yours!
I was thinking about you today because I found that Heidi Swapp is part of a China tour with I think that you should travel to China to see Heidi Swapp! I am sure that Sal will understand!! Best wishes for the New Year! 2008 will be great!

Claudia said...

Hi Susan! This is great that you are starting a blog to keep in touch with family and friends! I had one but with the little guys and the picture scrapping I do online it's just a bit much! Maybe someday I'll pick it up again. I will keep your blog in my browser and check in from time to time just to see what you've been up to! Love ya!

Theresa M. said...

Dear Aunt Susie,

Mom sent you a picture of me with me new Christmas present. Are you going to post it on your blog?

Love, and meow,

Spidey the Cat :-)

Theresa M. said...

Hi Susan,

Special announcement coming soon....from Spidey the CAT! Look for a special email.

Love, Theresa M.

Theresa M. said...


Wanted to let you know that the 'Ribbon Junkie' link doesn't work. When you click on it, it states that 'website can't be found.' Just wanted to let you know.

Theresa M.

Theresa M. said...


In regards to your magazine bowls, do you remember 'Reif' from across the street---Mabel's husband? He used to recycle magazines by rolling up the pages and gluing them in rows to the sides of waste paper bins, pencil holder cups, etc. If you ask Ma, I'm sure she'll probably remember.

Love, Theresa M.