Thursday, January 31, 2008

remembering Mabel

One year ago today, my family lost a dear friend, Mabel. She lived across the street from us for 30 years and became like a grandma to me and Terry. Mabel and I considered each other "lifelong friends" since we met when I was only 5 years old......therefore, she knew me longer than anyone outside my family (33 years). We spent every Christmas together, and she attended all of my major life events......First Communion, Confirmation, high school graduation, my wedding. She was the first friend who I told about my new boyfriend, Sal.

Mabel was 97 when she passed away, and told me that she had a great life. She would spend the hot Florida summers in Michigan at her cottage on a lake. She loved the company of her dogs Duke, Lady, and Mami. She took dream trips to Ireland and Alaska. She was in fairly good health for most of her life.

We miss you, Mabel, and still think of you often!

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