Sunday, April 12, 2009

Buddy's home!

This morning we got word from the vet that Buddy was stable enough to be discharged from the hospital. It's so wonderful to have him back home with us! :-)

We're still in the difficult waiting period until Tuesday, when the lab results come back. Seems like forever from now. The internal medicine specialist seems convinced already that it's cancer, and we're hoping he's wrong! Only with the lab results will we know what course of treatment we should pursue for Buddy. It'll most likely be surgery to remove whatever is in his lung, along with the affected portion of the lung. What a big operation for such a little beagle, oh my gosh !!!

We are so sad to see him so weak, and not his normal playful self. But he's home with us again and we can pamper and love him. Aruba's excited too! Last night, we took her to the clinic with us to visit Buddy and they both loved seeing each other again. Aruba's a bit clumsy, so when we told her that we were going, she got all excited and started running around on the tile floor, and then slipped and banged her shoulder/paw on the floor, oh no! She was limping a little, but seems better now. One pup in the hospital at a time, please!

Thanks to everyone for your phone calls and e-mails of concern for Buddy. They're sure appreciated.

I'll post more about Buddy's condition as we find out...

P.S. ~ Gosh, it has been a rough few days. On top of our sadness over Buddy, now I have a toothache too! Can you believe the timing??? (when it rains, it pours, right?) I've been popping Advils like crazy. So, I'll probably be in the dentist's chair tomorrow. Yuck.


Shannon said...

Oh Susan....I haven't read blogs for a couple of days and I am just so sorry to hear about Buddy....I will keep thinking good thoughts for the little guy....and hope that everything comes back as positive as can be.


Momofboys said...

I was sad to read about Buddy but I hope the prognosis they gave you today was better than what you thought. You'll have to post about that soon and hopefully you got your toothache taken care of!

perilloparodies said...

Wow, you sure did have a lot going on... sending a hug!!