Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buddy's in recovery

Buddy's surgeon called to tell us that he came through the surgery just fine this afternoon! We are SO thankful and relieved! Wow, it has been a big day for Buddy.

He's recovering in the ICU now, with oxygen tubes in his nose (snout), and he's on I.V.s for antibiotics, pain meds, and fluids. We can call to check on him tonight, but we'll have to wait until tomorrow before he's ready for a visit. On Friday morning, we'll find out how soon we can see him. They plan to get him up and walking around tomorrow too.

Samples of the tumor and of his lung will be biopsied, and we're hoping that they don't indicate that the cancer is aggressive and spreading. So far, though, the surgeon believes that it is not.

Buddy is such a trooper, isn't he?!? I'll keep you posted on his recovery and his return home. In the meantime, though, Sal and I thank you SO much for your calls and e-mails of concern and support. This has been a very difficult week for us, but we're hoping that Buddy can now begin a new, healthy life. :-)


Momofboys said...

I'm so glad to hear that the surgery went well and hoping that the biopsy goes the same way. I'm sure your visit with him tomorrow will help him tremendously...since a cheerful heart is good medicine!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's great news. The pup sure has been through a lot. Hopefully everything will come back fine and he'll be up and running.


Shannon said...

Oh so happy to hear that Buddy will be fine.....that is awesome news.....give him a big hug from me....


Michelle Aguilar said...

Poor guy to endure this at all! We always expect adults to have to go through so much but, I believe it is harder for me to see an animal or I would say my own child.

animals are supposed to be there for comfort and therpy and love, hugs and kisses and never ever have anything go wrong.
But, it reality they do.

Hope he recovers 100% well as what a sweet dog!

With all your love, he should do fine!

hang in there.