Tuesday, April 14, 2009

not the news we were hoping for

Tonight the critical-care veterinarian called us with the cytology results for Buddy. Unfortunately, the mass in Buddy's lung is a malignant cancer tumor. {tears and sadness}

We weren't totally shocked, the specialists had warned us that they were 80% sure of that already. But we are, of course, completely devastated by this news. Our little beagle, Buddy? The one who was just last week playing, and being his adorable, mischievous self? He has lung cancer? We're so heartbroken.

However ... one bright spot, perhaps quite bright, is that the pathologist characterized the cancer as "low-grade"; that is, it's less aggressive. We're told that this is more operable, and we plan to meet with a veterinary surgeon ASAP, hopefully as soon as Wednesday. Buddy will have to undergo major surgery (a pulmonary lobectomy) and that terrifies us! They will remove the tumor and the affected lobes of the lung. But it is his only chance of survival and recovery.

We are hopeful and positive for Buddy. We love him, he's a treasured member of our family, and we'll give him whatever care he needs.

Your continued prayers and thoughts for Buddy will be so appreciated ... I'll be back with an update after we talk with his surgeon.

P.S. ~ Thanks for thinking of me regarding my toothache ... I went to the dentist and it turns out that it's probably not my teeth, but instead is some problem with my jaw, that's causing all the pain. I'm on pain meds while I get it sorted out. But first, I'm tending to Buddy.


Momofboys said...

I'm sad to hear the news but glad that at least it's operable and that he has a good chance of recovery. I've never had a pet so I don't know what it must feel like to get so attached to an animal but I know enough people (including my sisters) that have so I can understand what you must be going through. Thanks for the update and hope your jaw starts feeling better soon!

perilloparodies said...

Hope you are feeling better!!! Glad to hear it was something that could be taken care of. it hurts to watch something you love hurt or be uncomfortable. Pat Buddy for me...