Tuesday, April 21, 2009

welcome home, Buddy!

So we went to visit Buddy last night, fully expecting that he'd be released from the hospital later this week. But we got a sweet surprise when the nurse walked in with him and said that " ... the surgeon feels that Buddy is ready to go home tonight ..." !!! We were elated! And I think Buddy is so glad to be back home, to his favorite spot in the bed, snuggled in Egyptian cotton sheets, *wink*. Comfy.

It was so wonderful to have him back home with us last night! And Aruba was filled with delight to see him!

As luck would have it, we're having thunderstorms this morning, which scare the wits out of both Buddy & Aruba, so I've had my hands full keeping him calm. He can't have any excitement or activity, not even jumping up on furniture, for a while. And he of course had to go "out" this morning, but it was pouring rain, and his bandage needs to be kept 100% dry. So I fashioned a raincoat out of a plastic Target bag ... talk about recycling!

We're still waiting on the biopsy results, they should be in later this week. {pins and needles}

So, until he goes back for a bandage change and suture removal on April 30, we're watching him and giving him lots of meds. And love!

Thanks again to everyone for your thoughts, concern, and prayers.

Welcome home, Buddy! :-)

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perilloparodies said...

Yay!!! Welcome Home, Buddy!!! At least he will recover comfortably at home with lots of love and care!