Monday, April 20, 2009

Buddy's progress continues

We had another terrific visit with Buddy at the hospital on Sunday! He's doing well, making noticeable progress. :-)

Again, he came in wagging his tail, glad to see us. And he gave kisses galore!
The nurse said that he's now "eating well", which is a HUGE relief to us. Buddy had totally lost his appetite, not to mention 10% of his body weight, before the surgery. He was excited by the "junk food" that we brought him, 2 of his favorites, yogurt and peanut butter:

"Choosy (dog) Moms choose Jif!":
He was a little more tired on Sunday than on Saturday, so our visit was shorter. I snapped this photo right before we left, with Buddy seeming to ask can I go home now? with those big beautiful beagle eyes! Pretty soon Buddy, pretty soon!

Today, they'll be starting him on a couple of additional medicines. We'll see you later on Buddy!


Momofboys said...

glad to hear that buddy is on the mend! hopefully he'll be coming home soon =)

Anonymous said...

hi susan, hi sal:

glad to hear buddy is doing better. just thinking of you guys lately.

lisa (seminole/tampa)

perilloparodies said...

So glad to see him on his feet!!! Good sign!