Sunday, April 19, 2009

Buddy's improving

Buddy is really starting to perk up this weekend! We visited him on Saturday night, and this time he walked into the room instead of being rolled in inside the oxygen box. Actually, he has been taken off oxygen entirely and is breathing on his own now!

As soon as he saw us last night, his tail was wagging! And he gave us LOTS of kisses! He was so cute, walking in with his catheter in tow (understandably, he doesn't enjoy having it, and since he kept yanking it out, they had to put the protective "cone" around his neck, poor Buddy). He's definitely making progress, since before his surgery he was too weak and sick to do anything, even wag his tail. We're glad to see that he has the ENERGY to yank out his catheter! He's also starting to eat ... we brought him a cup of plain yogurt (one of his fave snacks) and he ate it gleefully.

I think he was genuinely glad to see us; he seemed to be "smiling".

This morning, his surgeon gave us an update: they were changing his bandage, and the chest tube and catheter have now both been removed (yay!). I'm sure that alone will make Buddy feel better!

We're hoping that Buddy can come home soon, although we realize that he needs time to heal at the hospital, with medical supervision. Maybe he'll be discharged on Tuesday??? Aruba misses him so much, she hasn't been herself, mopey and depressed. No doubt she senses our sadness too.

We'll be visiting Buddy later today, and I'll be back with another update. Wait until he sees what we're surprising him with this time ... peanut butter! ;-)

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perilloparodies said...

So glad he is better... and peanut butter? really? wow, never knew, at least I don't remember... Anyhow, yummy for you, Buddy!!