Thursday, July 23, 2009


So yesterday I decided to start playing with the video camera in my iPhone. Dang, it's so easy to figure out! ... no manual required. Love that.

Anyway, here's my first video ... of our sweet Aruba, enjoying a little time poolside:

I love that now I can so easily upload my own videos to my blog ... more to come!

Thanks for stopping by,


Anonymous said...

Really cool!!! Keep sending them. We love to see videos and pictures :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh, she is SO cute!! Hey, Aruba! I'm calling you all the way from Japan. Can't wait to see your next appearance!


Momofboys said...

oh what fun!!...videos!!...aruba is so cute =) looking forward to more videos..maybe some with you and sal in them since we don't see one another often =)