Friday, July 24, 2009

... summer ...

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Doesn't this photo just scream "summer" ?!?!? I saw it in an ad and just had to share it. I love the colorful, beachy chairs ... so inviting! They're a reminder to get outside this weekend to enjoy the warm & sunny July weather.

Tonight I'm off to my local scrapbook store for the first of 4 amazing workshops that I'll be taking throughout the weekend. I signed-up for them months ago, the anticipation has been fun! Tonight is the first of 2 workshops with Donna Downey, it'll be great to finally meet her ... she's a big "celeb" among us scrapbookers! And the popular Debby Schuh will also be teaching workshops. Wow, what a combo! I'll be back here with details, pics, and maybe even some video (???) of all the projects.

Enjoy the weekend,

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Momofboys said...

have fun! can't wait to hear (or see) all about it!