Saturday, July 4, 2009

go Fourth!

So what are your plans on this 4th of July?

Sal and I plan to relax, play in the pool, and watch fireworks tonight at the beach. The City of Delray Beach puts on a great show! Love to watch it with my toes in the sand. I recently found out that DB has the largest fireworks display in all of Florida, wow!

Have fun celebrating freedom today. And a special thanks to our troops!


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Michelle Aguilar said...

what did we do for the 4th. Hum,
sweat, sweat and more sweating. LOL
but, besides that we just stayed home, nothing special, and went to watch spectular fireworks. the only ones in Mesa this time as there was no money for anyone else to have them.

And today, is our 2nd day with the nicest cool air inside that can be!
Makes a person, not want to leave the house. I am tired though, as I was tired from the heat, and now tired catching up on sleep from the heat.

so, how is your sweet Aruba?
I love that name as I know it is a beach or Island somewhere. Seems like on TV people win trips there.
have fun!