Monday, July 6, 2009

guess what iGot?

Sal and I had a fun holiday weekend, hope you did too! :-)

Our 4th of July was spent as planned, no glitches with the weather ... it was perfect! We played in the pool, took a nap, enjoyed fireworks at the beach.

Sunday was a more productive day, getting stuff done that we've been putting off. One of those was getting new cell phones. Gosh, I hate shopping for them (and the requisite new contract), UGH !!! Reminds me of car shopping (ick!). Nothing seems very straightforward ... so much fine print to sift through. But, an afternoon of comparison shopping led us to decide on ... iPhones! Now, iPay. *ha ha ha* No, really, we're super excited!!! We currently have cell phones that are several years old, they're electronic "dinosaurs". So, we've (finally) upgraded. Boy, we had a lot of learning and catching-up to do, technology-wise! Did you know that cell phones come with built-in cameras now? {kidding}

Actually, we don't have them yet. We chose the latest & greatest iPhone 3Gs model, which had to be pre-ordered and should arrive later this week. But I already got my SUPER-FUN lime green custom iPhone cover though!

So if you have the iPhone, I'd love to hear what you think of it? What are your favorite Apps? And any other FYI's you'd like to share in order to get me up-to-speed on my new gadget. Thanks!

The excitement of our new phones has offset the fact that Sal's Jetta wouldn't start this morning...hey, it must be Monday! But AAA Roadside got here in a flash, and we got the car to the shop.

Have a great week,


Helen Mills said...

How exciting!! I have the Itouch (basically the same things without the phone capability) and I just LOVE it!! you could spend hours just browsing the apps!! I love a brain trainer game I bought but there's so much free stuff too. Enjoy!! I'm sure you will love it!

Momofboys said...

don't have the iPhone but my sister and her husband have one and it has the coolest apps on it! just an example, we were driving in the van and didn't know the name to a song playing on the radio so he put his iPhone right near the speakers and it gave him the name of the song and the artist! pretty cool stuff! wish I had one but my husband having a job is number on the list of priorities!!

78968400mom said...

Shazam-tell you the music title
Ihandy level
around me
days until
word warp
moonlight mahjong lite

these are all free apps