Saturday, September 19, 2009

in bloom

Wanted to share the beautiful bougainvillea tree in our front yard. Sometimes it's "quiet", with no flowers ... and other times, it just blooms and blooms ... and blooms. That fantastic magenta color makes me happy!


inge said...

hello Susan,

I saw bougainvilleas for the first time as a tree when I visited Barcelone ( the only time I went on a plane..). Because of the warm weather they grow very good and probably you have the same kind of weather at your place !

Me too, I like the magenta color a lot. I'm always into "purple or blue periods" and I'm a color addict. Colors make me happy, I really need color around me.
Your tree is a perfect color to be happy with !
greetings from belgium

Momofboys said...

yes that is quite a beautiful flowering bush to have in your front yard...and i agree with inge...color makes me happy too!! and inge, where in belgium are you from? my grandmother and my uncles live there...i've been there several times growing up...hope to get back there soon!!