Thursday, September 3, 2009

round 6 ... the LAST one!

Today Buddy had his final round of chemotherapy! Oh, happy day!

To celebrate this milestone, the cancer clinic gave him a bag of treats with a sticker on it that says "Happiness is ... the last day of treatment!" Love that! It is so going in his scrapbook!
And his remission progress report had some celebratory artwork on it too!
Buddy was no doubt getting tired of the chemo routine ... they said he was "naughty" during his treatment today. Oh Buddy! Kind of funny.

In keeping with our tradition, Buddy and I celebrated together at Sonic on the way home. Here he is in the back seat watching Mommy inhale a grape slush, LOL (although I've really gotten addicted to their mango limeade too!) ... what a cutie!

It seems that every time we go to Sonic after chemo, we've had the same carhop. So today he was especially happy for Buddy, so nice!

Looking ahead ... the next phase of Buddy's care will be metronomic therapy, beginning in about a month. He'll be taking pills that will deliver a continuous anti-cancer treatment to his system. And he'll continue getting periodic remission exams and follow-up X-rays, to make sure the cancer is staying quiet.

Congratulations, Buddy! You've had a rough summer, but you've been such a trooper and we love you!

And thanks to everyone for your support and concern over the past several months! It meant a lot.

P.S. ~ I'm (still) putting together some blog posts about Creative Escape ... it has been a busy week since I got home Monday morning.


Michelle Aguilar said...

wow, Congradulations to Buddy!!!!
and of coarse his most very favorite parents, ever!!!

Such an adorable dog to have to go through such life experiences just to feel good.

I am so happy for all of you all!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad Buddy's treatments are over! You Go, Buddy! :)
Love the treat bag! Glad to hear all is well...cute picture!

Shannon said...

WooHoo a day to definitely celebrate!!!! So glad that Buddy is done. That is really sweet of the cancer center as well....

Momofboys said...

yeah to buddy!! i know it's been difficult bringing him there for his treatments each time and it's nice to know he doesn't have to go back anymore. i hope he continues to get stronger and stay cancer-free!

Keely said...

I'm so happy for Buddy and you! He looks great in the photo. I can see why you're so enamoured with him :)

78968400mom said...

way to go Buddy. we are very happy for you. our mom told us she saw your mom at CE-those crazy women. hope you keep feeling well. sending out a high five-paw to paw

max and fenway