Saturday, September 12, 2009

what? another one?!?!?

Hello from Orlando! I'm here attending a terrific scrapbooking event (yes, another one!) called Quick Quotes Private Reserve '09. It's put on by a great family-owned sb'ing company called Quick Quotes (hereafter QQ), and I was thrilled when I learned that they were bringing the event to Florida! I love their products, kits, & creative ideas.

I arrived Friday evening and am having a fab time already! And making it even better is that Sal is with me! On the way here, he patiently waited (thanks sweetheart!) while I browsed at my fave scrapbook store here in Orlando ... Scrappy Boutique. They have a nice selection of the latest & greatest sb'ing goodies, I love visiting their shop every time I'm in Orlando. If you're a scrapper and will be coming to Orlando, be sure to put them on your "must-visit" list! They have unique projects on display too, like these oh-so-cute decorated S-C-R-A-P letters (photographed with permission, of course!):

On Friday evening, the event began with some make & take projects ... one of them was to create and personalize our own name tags, love that! Here's mine:

And some of the projects were using sb supplies to make cards to send to our troops, I loved that too! They're gathering the blank cards that we made and sending them overseas so that the troops will have a big supply of cards handy to send to their loved ones. How nice is that? I thought it was especially appropriate since Friday was the Sept 11 anniversary. Such a sad day, and not forgotten even though we're attending this event.

The QQ gals are giving us tons of goodies, here I am enjoying some of my new "loot":

Notice that I'm wearing the charm necklace that was designed by Heidi Swapp for Creative Escape 09 (see my previous post for an up-close pic of it) ... and it's getting lots of compliments here! It's so pretty.

They also have an on-site store set up where you can browse all the fun QQ kits ... such nice projects!

A room full of pretty tables invited us into the Welcome Ceremony, where they introduced the QQ staff and gave us an overview of the event.

We worked on a couple more small projects, and then it was time to crop til midnight ... but I got tired way earlier than that!

I really miss Buddy & Aruba, but am happy that they're having fun with my parents. "Grandma" even cut up some fresh carrots special for Buddy to snack on!

Unless I'm too exhausted, I plan to be back here blogging during the weekend ... until then, you can go HERE to get a sneak peek at some of the projects that we'll be working on.

Enjoy the weekend,



Teri Weber said...

Looks like a great time Susan...Love your name tag! can't wait to hear about the classes and the event itself.
have fun!

Momofboys said...

looks like you've been on a scrapbooking rampage! so nice to be able to attend these events and do the things you love to do!