Thursday, September 17, 2009

QQPR event: part 2

So I'm (finally) back here with details and pics of the rest of my Quick Quotes Private Reserve (QQPR) scrapbooking weekend.

Actually, on Monday after the event, we had planned to go to SeaWorld, since we were already in Orlando and had SW tickets leftover from our plans to go last year. But Sal wasn't feeling well, poor guy, it spoiled his weekend ... he went to a clinic and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, no fun! But with some rest and meds, he felt better quickly and thankfully we were still able to celebrate my Mom's birthday with my parents, as planned.

So now back to the event ... continuing on from my Sept 12 post ... Saturday was filled with tons of fun workshops and activities! Here are random glimpses of some projects:
(yes, that IS a giant paperclip binding the mini-album ... how cute & clever, right?)

My tablemates ... from left, Kim, me, Marilyn & Diane ...
And our work-in-progress, what a mess! LOL
On Saturday evening, Sal and I had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Orlando, Nile Ethiopian. If you're never tried Ethiopian food, please consider it! So, so delicious! And with this restaurant's authentic atmosphere, you feel like you're in Africa. We always order their "Taste of Nile" vegetarian platter ... a tempting array of vegetables & spices. And with a cup of Ethiopian spice tea ... perfect! And everything is eaten with small pieces of injera, a "sticky" & slightly sour (but delicious) pancake-like "bread" that you use to pick up the food, instead of using utensils. So exotic!
And speaking of food, QQ provided lunch on Saturday and Sunday ... a delicious buffet one day, and yummy wraps the other (including vegetarian, yay!)
And just look at that dessert table ... isn't it so "scrapworthy"?
The event continued Saturday night with more non-stop fun ... more great projects, plus the owner of QQ, Patsy Gaut (with me, below), gave a keynote address about "enjoying (and scrapbooking) the little things". She was the creative force behind the launch of the Quick Quotes company ... she writes the poems that are featured on their vellum embellishments!
On Sunday morning, we got an early start working on an all-day 20-page album project. We spent the day creating 12" pages ... I only finished 10 of them (I'm a slow scrapper!), but I had a blast and was proud of what I created. You can see 6 of the album pages HERE.

The event wrapped-up with a slideshow of fun photos captured during the weekend, and drawings for lots of prizes. Look at all those goodies!
Here's a group photo (courtesy of Michelle with QQ) snapped before we all departed (I'm in the middle, to the right of the window, 3rd row back, peeking out between the lady in orange and the lady in red):
I'm always sad when these events come to an end!

Kudos to Quick Quotes for an event that was fun & super well-organized, with lots of nice surprises! The QQ staff works hard and it shows! Michelle (with me, below) was an awesome teacher! I highly recommend the QQPR event ... several more will be held around the U.S. later in 2009 ... in Washington, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania & Arizona. Check it out! They're not coming back to Orlando in 2010 (bummer!), but I hope they'll return to Florida sometime soon!


Teri Weber said...

I love Michelle! She is a great teacher! Looks like QQ put on a great event! I'm jealous! The projects look awesome! Thanks for sharing, Susan!

Momofboys said...

so sorry to hear my cugino wasn't feeling well but was able to get the care he needed to enjoy the time you had with your parents. these events are so packed with so much stuff i don't know how you take it all in...just looking at the pics is overwhelming to me!! glad you enjoyed it =)

inge said...

hello Susan,

what an amount of projects you did !
I'm a real crafter, but we don't have craftshows like you have in the US with all those workshops.
I order a lot of stuff online and a small craftshop in the neighbourhood has a lot of Tim stuff and some workshops , but not in such a big order like you have over there.

It must be a real treat for crafters !
It seems you enjoyed it... hmmm... the dessert looks great too :)

greetings from belgium