Tuesday, September 1, 2009

jet lag...

Hello, here I am! Awake. Finally. I tell you, for someone who loves to travel, it seems that I'll never adjust to jet lag. It hits me harder with every long flight I'm on!

Anyway ... after coming out of my stupor, I was able to get caught up on some stuff here. And next on my list is to blog all about Creative Escape. I've never been so delayed in writing about a trip, geez! Thanks for your patience ... please check back here over the next day or two and I'll have all the fun details and pics posted. Promise!

I had to run a few errands today, so I stopped in a brand-new Michaels store that opened near me, in Boynton Beach, over the weekend. I was at CE during the store's grand-opening, and couldn't wait to get over there and see what the new store was like. They have a nice scrapbooking section ... it's set up more like a traditional scrapbook store than just a general craft store. And those weekly M's coupons sure are a plus! If you attended CE you might be interested to know that they carry Heather Bailey's cheery & colorful product line too! And they have the coolest little shopping baskets ... they have wheels and a "pull-up" handle, like luggage, that let you pull it behind you as you browse around the store. More fun than a traditional shopping cart! :-)

Catch you back here soon!

Happy September,


Michelle Aguilar said...

get some rest, as I too feel more tired then last time wonder why? Too much fun perhaps. I talked the girls today at SBE and they said probably that is why. LOL

Hope you liked your stripped wallet thing. LOL
Glad to see you and BTW, how do you signiture your blog?
I love it.

Momofboys said...

you're so cute...always something new and exciting to report! can't wait to see all the pics from your "escape"!