Saturday, March 13, 2010

Animals Matter!

Are you an American Idol fan? Even if you aren't a regular viewer, you're probably aware that everyone waits to hear what judge Simon Cowell will say. He's brutally honest and, often times I think, correct in his judgements on the show.

It's no secret that Simon's known for expressing bold opinions, and you may wonder if he has any compassion ... YES, he does! He's speaking up for animals as part of the Animals Matter To Me campaign. I couldn't be more pleased that someone with his worldwide recognition is lending his attention-getting voice to the desperate plight of voiceless animals.

Animal suffering is a GLOBAL tragedy ... there is an urgent need for an international commitment to protect the welfare of animals. And one response to this need is the Animals Matter To Me campaign. It's demanding that governments around the globe pledge to defend the well-being of animals. Please lend your YOUR voice to the campaign! (this link also has a brief video of Simon sharing why he believes that ANIMALS MATTER)

On behalf of all animals suffering in silence, thank you!

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