Sunday, March 7, 2010

a fun Saturday

Hi there ~ hope you're enjoying the weekend?

Sal and I had a relaxing Saturday (except when my car's "check engine" light came on ... geez! ... it's always something, right?).

Anyway ... I went to a party at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps, it was the store's 2-year anniversary celebration. Lots of festivities! Had fun browsing all the newly-released products, including the limited edition 2010 glimmer mists. Whoa, what a rainbow of yummy colors! And with fun names like Sunshine, Popsicle & Lemongrass, they're irresistible!

(photo courtesy ESS)

I put down my shopping basket long enough to play some "scrap" bingo (nope, I didn't win). And have a snack, of course! A fun time.

Afterwards, Sal and I had a late lunch at one of our fave restaurants, Buca di Beppo. Very Italian & molto delicioso! Actually (and unfortunately), there aren't a lot of veggie-friendly options on their menu for us, but we do have a couple of favorites (meatless ravioli, margherita pizza). And their salads and bread ... fabuloso! The ambience is unique too, unlike anywhere else. Worth a try if you've never been!

On the way home, we wanted to be outdoors and enjoy the milder temps, so we stopped in for a walk around Green Cay Nature Center. I've mentioned it here on WITW before, but it bears repeating that I love it there! A local treasure. Among other amazing wildlife, today we caught a glimpse of an egret (how beautiful are these birds, right?):


Momofboys said...

glad you and Sal were able to get out and about and enjoy the normal Florida temps!!

Teri Weber said...

Glad you had a great day! Those glimmer mists look awesome!