Saturday, March 27, 2010

Buddy update

Today was Buddy's bimonthly visit to the cancer clinic for a remission progress exam, bloodwork, and Rx refills. {Always nervous about these visits} I was feeling tired and a bit strung out from a long week, so Sal kindly took Buddy for this appointment. It's emotionally draining to go there, and I just wasn't up to it today.

Now for the SUPER news ... Buddy is doing SO WELL !!! Bloodwork: perfect! Cell counts: right on! Kidney function: normal! Chemo meds can harm kidneys, so that needs to be monitored. We are SO thankful !!! YAY Buddy !!!

Sal noticed Buddy checking out the clinic's treat bowl on the counter. That is so "Buddy" ... he hasn't been there in 2 months, yet he remembers exactly where they keep the treats, amazing! Sal texted this to me while at the clinic:



Maria said...

That's wonderful news!!!!! Love the picture. Aren't they so smart!

Momofboys said...

such a cute dog! so glad he's doing so well!!

78968400mom said...

Yeah Buddy!

we never get to see the treat bowl at our doctor's office-we are always escorted thru the sied door...we just aren't cooperative.

glad you are doing well

paws and barks

max and fenway

Shannon said...

So glad to hear that everything is still going so well....Go Buddy!!!!!