Thursday, March 4, 2010

hello sunshine!

It has been CHILLY here in Florida for the past several days (weeks?). But today it warmed up to 60 degrees and The Sunshine State lived up to its name. I decided to get outside into the bright & abundant sunshine, enjoy some fresh air, all while reading Tim Holtz's book.

And our sweet Aruba joined me (Buddy preferred to nap on the cushy chair in the den, LOL):
She's so beautiful, I love how her eyes sparkle in the sunlight! Like me, she loves warmth and sunshine.

I was glad to capture this photo because, as you might already know, she's incredibly camera-shy. So getting her to look into the camera at any angle is a feat!


Momofboys said...

i'm sure it was nice to finally have some warmer weather especially down there where it's expected! loved seeing aruba warming herself in the beautiful sun...wish i could be out there with ya!

Teri Weber said...

What a great picture of Aruba! :)