Monday, March 1, 2010

oh, Canada!

Hello there and happy March! Seems like we just rang in the new year, doesn't it? Incredible!

So, did you watch the winter Olympics for the past 2 weeks? Sal and I were pretty glued to the TV every night ... we watched more of it than ever! And how about that USA vs Canada hockey game yesterday, huh? (or should that be "eh?") WHOA, what a nail-biter! Congrats to Team Canada.

For some reason, this winter Olympics was more exciting to watch than in the past, for me anyway. Some of the stories of triumph were so uplifting & inspiring. And I'll miss hearing that fantastic Olympic theme music, LOL! Seems like our neighbors to the north put on quite a nice party in Vancouver. Now, if Canada would just put an end --- once and for all !!! --- to their upcoming annual barbaric seal hunt, they'd be the perfect Olympic host.

I'm already looking forward to watching the next Olympic summer games. London 2012. We've never been to London, and have always wanted to attend the Olympics ... hmmm ... the gears in my head are already turning ...

Have a great week ahead,

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