Monday, August 25, 2008

Creative Escape countdown fun

Only 10 days to go!

So says my Creative Escape countdown clock (see sidebar). But I can tell that the event is approaching without even looking at my clock.....while I was in Philadelphia, FedEx came by with a package from the event organizers. To get the fun going early, each attendee is receiving a Welcome Box full of scrapbooking delights! WOO HOO !!! I'd love to share here what the contents are, but some of the gals attending haven't received theirs yet and it would surely spoil their surprise if I posted it.

We've also each pre-ordered our CE T-shirts, they're a really pretty design, which even wraps around onto the back of the shirt.

And when I arrive at CE, I'll also be getting a great craft apron (to keep the messy fun off of my new CE shirt!), complete with CE '08 logo embroidered in green. And I'm bringing a green pen so that the "celebrity" teachers can all sign my apron!

The countdown (and fun) continues until I leave on September 2.....!!!

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Sandi Keene said...

I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I live in the Daytona area and will be attending CE also. I am attending with my Orlando area friend. We are in Group 8 and CE first timers. Have been reading the Yahoo group recently and saw your name.
Hello fellow Florida scrapper!