Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday in Philly

We had another enjoyable day in Philly on Wednesday. While Sal spent the day at the conference, I took a self-guided walking tour of Center City (Philly's downtown). The weather here was perfect for has been gorgeous all week, actually.....sunshine, blue skies, warm but not too hot. I munched on a Philly pretzel along the way (actually two of them, what a pig, Susan!).....there ain't no better snack in this town! {YUM}

I stopped into the Betsy Ross House, and although I'm not really a fan of museums, it was neat to learn more about what a "revolutionary" woman she was. Here's Betsy's story.

Philadelphia is so historic; you get a real sense of it seeing all the monuments, etc. around town. I also wanted to tour the US Mint, but they have a strict "no cameras allowed" policy, not even if it's turned off and tucked in your bag. (Note to self for next time) I had mine with me, of course, so I couldn't go in. Bummer! {disappointed}

I had to chuckle because as I walked around, several people (tourists, I guess?) asked me for directions. I must either look like a local or look like I know where I'm going (not!).

We spent the evening visiting with Aunt Tina, Uncle Sam, and Sal's cousins Claudia & Sylvia. Here's the gang, from left: Aunt Tina, Sal, Sylvia, Claudia, Uncle Sam:

Uncle Sam whipped up a cappuccino, especially for Sal:

Thank you again for your hospitality and the delicious dinner, too! Hope you all have fun at the Outer Banks next week! Uncle Sam --- please keep us posted on your trip to Florida, we'll try to coordinate another visit with you.

We're still monitoring Tropical Storm Fay from afar, and she's still hanging around Florida. She can't decide where to go. Apparently she plans to "boomerang" and go west across the panhandle now. Oh, come on!

OK, so I'll meet you back here again on Friday. Boy, this week is just flying by!

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Claudia said...

great pics of the historic spots in philly...and you're right you can't have too many philly pretzels!! it was great to see you guys and hang for a little while. i hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and we hope to see you again...maybe on Memorial Day...hmmmm...