Wednesday, August 20, 2008

fun & games in Philly

Still enjoying our time here in Philadelphia! Sal gave his presentation on Monday, and he did great! So, he's relieved and can enjoy the rest of the conference.

I went out to lunch on Monday with my sister-in-law, Ruth (below, right), and Sal's cousin, Maria (below, left). We had a great time, just us girls. Hey Claudia -- we missed you! -- but we'll catch you for the next girls' day out, OK?

My parents said that Buddy seems to be feeling better, he's eating and getting into mischief once again. We're SO glad to hear it!

On Tuesday we had a fun visit with the Marinos.....from left, below: Maria, Jim, Aunt Angie, Sal, Sal's cousin Danny & his wife Mary.....Danny is holding Maria & Jim's sons James & nice to see everyone! Thank you again for the delicious ziti lunch, too!

(Wow, don't Sal and Danny look alike?!?!?)

Then on Tuesday night Paul & Ruth and our nieces Gina & Dana joined us at Maria's for pizza and game night. Here's Jim, Sal, Paul & David (Danny & Mary's son) enjoying dinner outside on a nice summer evening:

We played a very cool board game called Blokus, which involves the strategic placement of brightly-colored tiles on a board, with only corner-to-corner contact of tiles allowed. Very fun!

All the kids enjoyed doing chalk art on the driveway and riding their bikes:

from left: James, Samuel, Gina & Dana

Gina & Dana:


We're really enjoying this opportunity to see everyone again. We're not doing much "touristy" sightseeing around town since we've already been to the Philly highlights (Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the famous south Philly Italian Market) in past visits.

Will blog more from Philly again soon.....stay tuned, we have more fun planned for the rest of the week! Until then, we're still keeping an eye on Tropical Storm [thankfully not a hurricane!] Fay. She made landfall on Tuesday morning near Naples, which is directly across Florida from us, on the southwest coast, and is (still) crossing the state. The Weather Channel was reporting live from Lake Worth, Florida which is just north of Delray Beach, so we were able to see exactly what Fay was up to back home, pretty cool!


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Claudia said...

so sorry i had to miss it!! i'll get to chat with you a bit tonight though:))