Friday, August 29, 2008

random musings on a Friday

Geez, I'm leaving for my trip to Creative Escape soon and I'm not packed at all (hence my empty scrapbooking tote at left)! I guess I've been too scared this week to get (too) excited, worried that Hurricane Gustav and/or Hanna would mess up my travel plans (although I won't let them.....I'll drive north and fly out of Orlando if I have to!).

So, what do you think of John McCain's choice of V.P., Alaska Governor Sarah Palin? I gotta say that I predicted, really I did, just ask Sal! I told him yesterday that I thought McCain would pick her. I imagine he's trying to sway women voters away from Obama (sorry JM, that didn't work on me!). Although I don't like Gov. Palin's politics, I agree with Sal's observation that "'s a good day for women...". Perhaps she'll be # 2 in command, and that'll be a great first for the USA.

I wish everyone a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!

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