Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday early AM

Hello! I'm a bit more energetic now and don't feel like I'll fall asleep in the middle of a blog post ... perhaps I'm finally coming off east coast time?

Friday was fabulous here at Creative Escape! Four amazing workshops, a delicious sit-down dinner, and then another fun project in the evening as part of CE's "Friday Extravanganza". I'll have to give you pics and details about those after I get home ... for now, I've only downloaded miscellaneous photos from my iPhone, and none from my camera. So I thought I'd start sharing a few scenes from this amazing week. Until I get home and have a chance to empty my camera's memory card and can give you the whole scoop!

A couple of iconic scenes welcomed me back to the southwest: a stately cactus and a breathtaking Arizona sunset that I enjoyed from my room's balcony:
You may recall that the official colors of CE are pink, green, black & white ... and that this year, as a twist on that, the b&w took the form of zebra stripes. That has been wild ... we look like a herd of zebras meandering throughout the hotel, LOL! It has been crazy seeing what everyone's doing with it, including me! From zebra-striped purses, shirts, hats, sb'ing tote bags, to my sandals ... complete with the pink & green ribbons that I added. Not to mention my pink & green toenails! What a hoot! The CE photographer even approached me to ask if he could photograph my feet for --- what else? --- the CE 09 scrapbook! Too funny!
Well, unfortunately, that's it for now ... my laptop and I are both running out of juice.

I'll be back with more fun details & pics either sometime this weekend, or on Monday after I'm back home ... and recovered from the jetlag.

Enjoy the weekend,


Anonymous said...

sounds fabulous! LOVE your toenails! woohoo, very cute!
can't wait to hear/see all about it....have fun!

Momofboys said...

so glad you are enjoying such a wonderful time on your "escape"! it must have been neat to be stopped for a photo of your creative feet!!! looking forward to more pics when you get home =)