Thursday, August 20, 2009

Buddy is in the hospital :-(

We awoke this morning to find Buddy not quite himself ... lethargic, absolutely no appetite, apparently feverish. After waiting a little while to see if he'd perk up ... perhaps it was just one of those "bad chemo days"? ... I realized that he wasn't improving and went into panic mode. I called the cancer clinic and said that I need to bring him in right away.

His oncologist was glad that I didn't wait. He had a 105-degree fever (!!!) and his white blood cell counts were very low ... only 1/10th what they should be (!!!). She immediately got him admitted into an animal cancer hospital in Fort Lauderdale, and Sal and I were there with him this afternoon. He's on an I.V. of fluids and antibiotics. He'll be there at least overnight, and possibly most of tomorrow too. We're hoping that they can get his fever down and his cell count up soon. He apparently is reacting to one of his chemo drugs. But hopefully he can be back home with us sometime on Friday. Poor Buddy!

I'll post updates on his condition here often. In the interim, I'm comforted knowing that he's in a brand-new, modern, comfortable, high-tech, cancer hospital that's staffed 24/7. So he's in very good hands.


78968400mom said...

Sending prayers to our friend. Fight, fight , fight! As we say in our house, battle, baby...battle.
sending fur hugs and human hugs your way.

max and fenway

Momofboys said...

poor buddy =( i hope he's home soon too!