Saturday, August 1, 2009

a RAK ... from Sal !

When Sal got home last night, I showed him the cool iPhone Life magazine that I got in the mail. I said that it must be something that they send as a freebie to new iPhone customers ... ??? ... because I didn't request it ...

He grinned, a BIG cute grin ... and then I realized ... oh, HE got it for me! How sweet, Sal surprised me with a subscription! Thank you, sweetheart! That'll be some great beach reading.

Have a great Saturday,


Momofboys said...

a man who knows what his woman wants...heee hee!!!

Anonymous said...

Sal is the best!
btw, just caught up on your life.
the sb classes looked divine! i'm so jealous. can't wait to hear about ce!
glad buddy and aruba and sal are well :)