Friday, August 21, 2009

Buddy's home !!!

This afternoon I got a call from Buddy's oncologist ... she had the BEST possible news! His blood cell counts have come up (although they still have a little way to go) and his chest X-ray was "clear". That is, NO pneumonia and NO evidence of cancer in his lungs! Oh, it's a HAPPY day here! I went straight to the hospital and picked him up.

We're so excited to have our little Buddy home with us again! As expected, he is exhausted and is already sound asleep ... it has been quite a draining couple of days for all of us. So, lots of rest and pampering for him this weekend!

Aruba was thrilled to see him ... she was mopey and depressed the entire time he was in the hospital.

And it's so good to see him with an appetite again ... when we got home, I was even able to tempt him with his new favorite "chemo snack" --- carrots! (I had to snap the photo quickly ... he's fast!)

We love you Buddy!

Thanks for checking in on Buddy's progress,


Momofboys said...

YEAH! so glad to hear buddy is home and enjoying his favorite snack! i'm sure he's going to lvoe being pampered =)

78968400mom said...

WOO HOO Buddy!

so happy for you!

loves and ruffs

max and fenway

perilloparodies said...

So glad to hear he is better. What a lot stuff he has been through... poor thing. d