Thursday, August 6, 2009

... round 5 ...

I took Buddy for his 5th round of chemo today.

His remission progress exam went well, which is always a huge relief! Everytime we go, my stomach is in a bit of a knot, hoping the doctor won't "feel a lump" or say "something doesn't seem right with him." Like I've mentioned before, cancer is like a dark cloud, hovering.

But on the positive side, Buddy is doing pretty well. We are so thankful! He eats big meals, although he's picky-choosy about what's in his dish. And he has even gained a few pounds! He's also pretty active, even initiating playtime some days! :-)

And on our way home from the clinic, Buddy and I stopped to enjoy some junk food at Sonic ... our tradition on chemo days.


Anonymous said...

Susan..glad buddy got a good report and is doing well. Can't believe he is at round many more to go? glad you both got a shot of sonic! :)

Denise said...

Hope your little "Bud" continues to do well, and that he is almost done with the therapy!
!8 days till CE! I have fun zipping to your blog every now and then to see the 'actual time remaining"
Thanks for sharing the photos from your latest scrapbook adventure. You do lovely work!

Mark said...

Susan, I like your blog and it's nice to see how all is well.And I see Buddy is doing better. Maybe you can do a little video clip of him too. Love, Mark

78968400mom said...

Keep fighting Buddy. We are going to have to get our mom to take us to Sonic. We see her cups around, but never anything for us. What's your fave? Take care. Sending prayers and woofs.

Max and Fenway