Monday, August 24, 2009

here today ... gone tomorrow

boarding pass printed? check!
Hurricane Bill gone? check! (whew!)
scrapbooking supplies packed in zebra-print tote? check!
craft apron (for the "messy" workshops)? check!
pink & green & zebra-print stuff to wear? check!
everything's packed in -- what else? -- my new zebra-print duffle? check!
scrapbooking & travel magazines to read on the plane? check!
Phoenix sb'ing stores programmed in my GPS? check!
Gwen Stefani's "The Sweet Escape" on my iPod? check!

OK then, I guess I'm ready to head to Phoenix to attend Creative Escape 2009!

My flight departs Ft Lauderdale (very) early AM tomorrow. {yawn}

But that's OK ... I can't wait to get to Arizona for CE 09, to see 600 of my scrapbooking peeps and get the fun started! The event doesn't officially begin until Thursday, but I'm arriving early to enjoy the beautiful resort (and spaaaahhhh), relax, spend time with friends, and -- of course! -- check out some of the local scrapbook stores (a.k.a. "shopportunities" LOL). Like Utah, Arizona is loaded with them! Perhaps you remember the fun I had scrapbook "shop hopping" my way around Utah earlier this year? (check out my March 23 and March 27 blog posts)

I'm excited !!! As Kramer says while pointing to his head in one of the Seinfeld episodes, " ... up here, I'm already gone...". One of my favorite lines, so kooky! LOL

So I'll meet you back here on Tuesday night ... I'll be blogging live & daily from the 107-degree desert southwest!


Momofboys said...

i'll be looking forward to the posts...and pics of course!!

Denise Mills said...

Oh Susan, I am envious! I don't get to leave until(very early) Thursday morning. Just found some cute Zebra shoes for the trip! Look forward to meeting you in group 8, and I Will read your blog until then.
Denise (in Boise)

Anonymous said...

ok, waiting for CE info here! LOL!!!!!!!! Give all the girlies my love! and save some for you too! :) teri