Friday, August 21, 2009

Buddy update - Friday AM

Hi everyone and thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers for Buddy ... so appreciated!

I have good news!

His fever is gone ... his temperature was normal throughout the night!

And he's eating!

The doctor said that she'll be doing blood cell counts on him around 12 noon today ... she wanted to wait and give those more time to come up.

Also today, she will do chest X-rays to make sure that Buddy doesn't have pneumonia (which can develop with low blood cell counts), and to make sure that the lung cancer is remaining "quiet". Sal and I are SO nervous about this! We're hoping there's nothing wrong in Buddy's lungs. Please, no more tumors!

I'll be back here this afternoon with an update on our angel Buddy ... hopefully, he can come home today.


Momofboys said...

hoping with you for some good news about buddy!

Renee S. said...

Glad Buddy's OK.
See you at CE.