Thursday, August 13, 2009

our anniversary celebration

I meant to post the details of our anniversary celebration sooner ... but I had such a busy Wednesday!

Sal and I began our day with breakfast at a cafe near the beach, where he gets his favorite pancakes & strawberries. We love it there, in part because we can see the ocean.

Then it was just a short stroll to the beach, where we spent hours enjoying it. Perfect weather. Warm sun. Clear water. Blue skies.
The fun continued with dinner out at an Italian restaurant on a lake, so nice. Although it was a little warm, we ate al fresco to enjoy the view and the summer evening.

That night, Sal gave me the pretty gift that had been teasing me on the kitchen counter for the previous 24 hours. Look at the beautiful wrapping that he did! And the bow is not just any bow ... it's the same fabric (shimmery white "crystal" organza) that my wedding gown was made of. So special! How did he find that???
And anytime there's a gift about to be unwrapped, Buddy comes running! He loves to unwrap (actually, I mean rip into) gifts ... he thinks any and all gifts are for him ... it's incredibly cute! So I gladly let him help me unwrap it, and eventually Aruba joined in too. Inside was a great addition to my iPhone ... a mini battery pack. The # 1 complaint of iPhone users is the limited battery capacity, and how the battery drains too quickly. This little gadget will give me hours of additional juice, especially while traveling and it's not possible to re-charge (like during a long flight). And I've been in airports where there's not an outlet to be found, grrr! So thanks, sweetheart! :-)

So we had a really nice day together ... celebrating 19 years of marriage! Love you, Sal !!!

And thanks to everyone for all of your anniverary wishes & cards ... they made our day extra special !


Momofboys said...

Nothing better than a day at the beach with someone you love! So glad you enjoyed your anniversary day and got a great gift. Sal is so into the detail...all the way down to the sweet!

perilloparodies said...

Happy Anniversary!!!