Sunday, January 3, 2010

Aruba goes wild

Hey there ~ hope you enjoyed the New Year's holiday weekend. We've been COLD here in SoFla, believe it or not! It'll be down into the 30s (F) here tonight and Monday night. Brrrr.....

Aruba was keeping warm & cozy today, cuddled up in my new zebra-print throw ... awwww ... she's so precious!

(I am especially loving this shot because I finally got her to look directly into the camera!!! She's very camera-shy.)

Sal got this throw for me as a reminder of all the fun I had at Creative Escape 2009. Zebra stripes were part of CE 09's fun theme (see my blog posts from late August 09). What a blast it was. I love animal prints! :-)

Have a great week ahead,


Momofboys said...

cute and cuddly is what that picture says! i wish it was in the 30's up's in the teens and single digits with the wind chill...BRRRRRRR!! i need a warm vacation and soon! glad you had a nice and cozy new year =)

Teri Weber said...

Aruba is ADORABLE in that CE blankie! :)