Sunday, January 31, 2010

Buddy had a great Saturday!

Anxiety gave way to immense relief yesterday at the cancer clinic with Buddy. He received an "all clear" from the oncologist !!!! We are SO thankful !!! His bloodwork and lung X-rays both came back fine ... NO TUMORS! Yay for Buddy! We're ecstatic!

The blood tests are critical because they check for any kidney problems, a potential side effect of one of his chemo drugs. And they have to make sure his blood cell counts are OK too so that he can safely continue on the chemo drugs.

Sal and I were both so emotionally exhausted after the appt that we needed a nap. It wore Buddy out, too ... the sweet angel fell asleep in the car on the way home! It's tough to go to the animal cancer clinic. Alongside the potential for bad news, there's no shortage of sadness in the waiting room ... a dog was near death from leukemia in the next room. An adorable bassett hound was beginning chemo. And I've met dogs who are missing legs due to bone cancer. Many, many stories of brave doggies. But looking beyond the sadness, my spirit is always SO lifted to see SO many people caring SO much for their animal companions. It's terrific!

A huge thanks to everyone for your thoughts, prayers, & concern for Buddy. We realize that yesterday could have had a very different outcome, and we're just so thankful that Buddy is well and we're treasuring every moment with him & Aruba.


78968400mom said...


Our dear friend Buddy. We are so happy for you and your family. Our human mom had tears when she read it to us. Too bad we live so far away. We are sending you a "high paw." Say hello to Aruba for us...way to fight the fight!


Max and Fenway


I am so happy for you and Sal.Many prayers were answered and we will continue to keep Buddy in our prayers!


Momofboys said...

YEAH!!!! that's awesome news!!! hope he continues to do well =)

Teri Weber said...

So happy for all of you! :)
Go Buddy! Go Buddy! Go, go, go Buddy!

Maria said...

Amazing news!!! We are so happy for all of you.

Maria, Jim, James & Samuel

sandalloons44 said...

yay!!!! that is the best news ever for this year 2010!
good for you all and most of all no more pain for Buddy!!!!