Wednesday, January 13, 2010

two years ago today....

... I published my first post here at Where In The World? !! And now today, 355 posts later, I'm celebrating my 2nd blog-a-versary!

Thanks to all of you for meeting me here so often! This has been an AMAZING way to stay in touch with friends/family, and to "meet" new friends around the globe. Keep those comments and e-mails coming, I love 'em!

And since so many have asked why I decided to name my blog Where In The World?, I've posted "The Story" of that in my sidebar. Scroll down when you get a chance.

I hope you'll be joining me for another year of my musings ... actually, I'll start right now with an update on my little iguana friend (see Monday's post). He seemed to be fully revived by the warm sun. Later in the afternoon, he slowly made his way off the shovel, into the grass, and scurried off into the bushes (have you ever seen an iguana run? it's cute!). I'll miss him!

Looking forward to Year 3,

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Momofboys said...

Wow it's been a whole year already?! Time does fly and I truly have enjoyed staying in touch through your blog and will continue to do so!! Glad to hear the little guy (or gal) got all warmed up...way to help the little creature out =)