Friday, January 29, 2010

... nervous ...

Hi all ~

Hope you've had a great week. Me? Not so much. Honestly, I've been anxious, jittery. Tomorrow (Sat.), Buddy has an appointment at the cancer clinic. He will get the usual remission exam, bloodwork, and refills of chemo pills. But this time he'll also get follow-up X-rays of his lungs. And I hope and pray there are no tumors. So my nerves are jangled! The upside is that he's doing well ... great appetite, energetic, playful. And mischievous even! So CUTE when he's naughty, LOL. All of that is encouraging, to me. I'll be back during the weekend with an update on his checkup.

I did have a nice distraction last night though! Every week, my favorite scrapbooking designer, Heidi Swapp, does a live webcast online. It's such fun ... she demos techniques & new products, answers questions in a live chat, and even randomly gives away prizes. So imagine my surprise when, at the end of this week's webcast, they called out that "Susan in Florida" is a winner! OMG, that's ME! Yes, I have some fun goodies coming in the mail. I won a heart shadow box from House of 3 (Heidi's digital sb'ing venture). Here's a peek of it:

Pretty, huh? The box can be "scrapbooked" inside and out ... I'm not sure what embellishments will be included with mine, but that'll be part of the fun when it arrives. Thanks Heidi! :-)


Momofboys said...

i hope all the tests come out good for buddy! and congrats on being the winner!! you deserve it since you love to scrapbook so much =)

daysease said...

Oh, Susan... Hope Buddy is okay... and CONGRATS on the yummy goodies coming in the mail!! How fun!! I love stuff like that. And it is so exciting to win stuff. ;-) Have fun!