Thursday, January 7, 2010

paving day

Our homeowners association has been planning a re-paving of our neighborhood street for months now. Since we're in a gated community, neither our city nor our county will pay for this ... they consider it "private property". So we all had to pay extra HOA dues for a while to create a fund to cover the cost. Can you believe that??? After all the property taxes we pay???

Anyway, no more griping ... today's the day ... laying fresh asphalt. Like any "remodeling" job, it's kind of a headache, lots of noise, dust, and we've gotta park our cars "wherever" in the interim. But it should look nice when it's done! This is our little corner of the community:


Momofboys said...

that is rather annoying but i'm sure it will look lovely when it's all done!

Anonymous said...

Susan, I feel your pain, why should you all have to pay to have the streets done. The association there should pay or they should facter the tax dollers to pay for it. Sorry about your inconvenience, even to have to move your car everywhere. Like you said, hope they do a good job. You'll have nice new roads. :o) Mark

Teri Weber said...

you look like you live in a beautiful community from what I can see :)