Tuesday, January 19, 2010

photo editing is now a Picnik

Calling all scrapbookers, photographers, bloggers, and anyone who enjoys enhancing their photos ... your attention please!

I read (in the newspaper, of course!) about a new, online, free photo editing tool that is SO MUCH FUN. And did I mention that it's FREE? It's called Picnik.

To test run Picnik, I uploaded a photo from our trip to Paris in 2004. A little history of the photo: we purchased a painting from an artist in the Montmartre district, and spent some time watching him work ... it was such an enjoyable & unique experience (he used spatulas instead of brushes), that I snapped some photos of his palette.

OK, so for comparison, this is my original photo, "before" any editing:

And here's the "after" ... (lots of editing features are available!) ... I chose to do some cropping, color enhancement, corner rounding, soft focusing, and added text in a fancy swirly font that felt "Paris-y" in blue and voila!:

So what do you think? I say ooh la la !!

As a scrapbooker, blogger & a (very) amateur photographer, I'm already IN LOVE with this tool! No software to buy or download. And I can edit photos right in my web browser and then save them to my computer. Picnik is easy and intuitive.

You can bet you'll be seeing more fun effects on my photos from now on here at Where In The World? !!


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Momofboys said...

a friend of mine who takes some pretty amazing pics told me about this too. i tried it a few times..lots of fun! glad you found it too =)