Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OK, this just ain't right!

What's wrong with this picture?
I snapped this photo off the TV during our local early AM forecast today. Those temps (in the 20s) represent the "feels like" temp here in southern Palm Beach County, Florida (Delray Beach isn't labeled ... it's right between Boca Raton and Boynton Beach). The temps reflect the wind chill factor. Wind chill??? Here?!?!?!

We're all having to adjust! Manatees have had to find a place to huddle and keep warm, poor things. It looks like they have, though ... check out the front page of today's Palm Beach Post for a great photo of them huddled up (it's copyrighted, can't include it here sorry, follow the link). They're so clever ... gathering at sources of warm water, often at outfalls (as shown in the newspaper photo) at power plants. An example of humans & nature peacefully co-existing, for a change.

I'm also worried about the wild iguanas that live down here. They're tropical creatures and can't handle temps below 40F. The cold immobilizes them and they can die. Like the manatees, I hope they're finding a cozy source of warmth.

Bundle up,


sandalloons44 said...

wow, that is incredible. cold.
I was waking up today to the 40's and soon I found myself freezing at 62 degrees. I had a shirt, sweatpants, jacket, hood, socks and the heater turned on. LOL
I know I used to tell my hubby I can't wait to move to Denver, Colorado, but, I dont' think anymore.
I sure hope the animals do stay warm and survive. BTW, how did you swim with the mantees? That is so neat. I never did get to swim with the whales or dolphins at Sea world.

78968400mom said...

hi susan
saw you on heidi's Hof3 tonight. Don't know if you saw my shout out to you and Buddy and Aruba. Anways, I cannot get the cover to open. I got the kit but my computer won't 'let me get it. Were you successful and if so would you mind e-mailing it or sending me a copy and I will pay you for it? I appreciate it.
Thank you

Momofboys said...

wow that is cold for florida!!! it's been so cold up here it's been in single digits with the windchill!! thankfully God created some pretty intelligent aniamals so hopefully they will all be okay =)

Tyggereye said...

I totally agree!!! Its just ain't right. This is FL people. lol. Its supposed to get colder too. Bah!