Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday morning excitement

I tell you, this frigid Florida weather is causing some STRANGE stuff to happen!

Our local news is reporting that iguanas are practically "freezing solid" and falling out of trees, OMG! It's not an urban myth! They can't handle temps below 40F (it was in the 30s here again this morning), they basically shut down & are immobilized. They revive when (if) the weather warms up enough. We don't really have too many iguanas here in Delray Beach, but there are LOTS of them just to our south, in Boca Raton & Ft. Lauderdale & Miami.

So imagine my surprise this morning .... I was hosing some dirt off the pool deck and over-sprayed into the lawn, and saw the grass begin TO MOVE! aaacckkk! What was that?!?!?! I screamed to myself?!?!? I went over to see ... I had inadvertently doused a BABY IGUANA, poor thing! He was so WELL-camouflaged in the grass, laying beneath a coconut palm tree ... maybe he had fallen out of it?

He was lethargic, but alive. So I got a shovel, scooped him up, and put him in the warm sun. I think I heard him say "ahhh", LOL. Thankfully, it's a sunny day here today and temps are supposed to approach 60F.

He's still out there ... just resting, thawing out. Like me, iguanas are vegetarian, so maybe we'll have lunch together later, *wink*. I left him on the shovel because it's warmer than the grass (metal conducts heat!). I hope he'll be OK. By the way, this little guy (only about a foot long now) will grow to be at least 4 feet long!

Creatures are just so amazing. I love the exotic wildlife here in Florida!


ArchivingAngel said...

As a former Floridian, I find it entertaining to read the stories of things that seem to happen only in Florida!
Thanks for sharing your stories & crafty creatins.
Love tuning in.
Hope you can follow my blog too at:

Teri Weber said...

def. neat stuff! but poor little guy...hope you weather gets warmer and warmer, soon! it is pretty crazy all over the country!

ArchivingAngel said...

Hi again Susan. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I lived in Port Orange, Florida which is in the Central part of the State. I do miss Florida but we go where the U.S. Air Force sends us. I do believe we are at our last stop. Thanks so much visiting my blog & I hope we can become friends through this amazing love for papercrafts. God Bless & I will definitely be stopping by again.
Take care & keep brining us your great stuff.

Momofboys said...

that's crazy! you are a good samaritan for helping the little guy...hope it warmed up enough to send him on his way =)