Friday, October 24, 2008


Yep, today's the day.....I'm turning 40! The big Four-0. Gosh, how did that happen? Wasn't I just in college?.....getting married?.....starting out as an engineer? I really look forward to this new decade though! A fresh start......40 Is The New 30.

To kick off my 40s, and to celebrate my passion for travel, I plan to make a scrapbook page with the theme "40 places I still want to visit". Thought I'd share a preview of the locales my list will include, in no particular order (unless otherwise noted, these are places that I've never been, but some places warrant a 2nd, 3rd and 4th visit for sure!):

(1) Iceland
(2) Spain
(3) Hawaii (again!)
(4) Morocco
(5) Niagara Falls
(6) an African safari
(7) Kodiak Island, Alaska
(8) Tahiti
(9) Yellowstone Nat'l Park
(10) northern Italy (again!)
(11) Provence, France
(12) Japan
(13) The Seychelles
(14) autumn "leaf peeping" in New England
(15) Bermuda
(16) Mount Rushmore
(17) Yosemite Nat'l Park
(18) Poland
(19) Galapagos Islands
(20) Easter Island
(21) Peru
(22) New York City (again!)
(23) a polar bear safari in Canada
(24) St. Lucia
(25) England
(26) Indonesia
(27) St. Augustine, Florida
(28) Utah (we're going in 2009, woo hoo!)
(29) Antarctica
(30) China
(31) Australia & New Zealand
(32) Greece
(33) India
(34) Panama Canal
(35) Egypt
(36) Russia
(37) Hoover Dam
(38) South Korea
(39) Anguilla
(40) Costa Rica

So I'm hoping for a "bon voyage" in my 40s! Thanks for sharing the journey with me here on my blog!

P.S. ~ Today is also my niece's birthday...Rebecca is turning 2 today, and she lives in Gulfport, Florida. Happy Birthday, sweetie!


perilloparodies said...

Happy Birthday, Susan!!! What a Day to celebrate!! Thinking of you. Hope you have a really special day. God bless...

Susan in NY said...

Happy Birthday to my CE Twin! I hope you have a day as wonderful as you are! Except I just realized that I am three years older than could that be?!! I must have miscounted. So I think I will be forty again with you. ;o) Have a great day!!!
xoxo, Susan L. in NY

Claudia said...

HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY SUSAN! I hope it was a lovely day for you:)

Dimabe said...

Happy belated Birthday, Susan! I have been on the road this month but will catch up soon again. Please visit Yellowstone Nat'l Park and come see us in Bozeman. Your CKU Orlando friend, Diane