Tuesday, October 14, 2008

help a soldier and her Iraqi dog

Like so many animals around the world, the dogs in Iraq are given little chance at a good life. But many soldiers are trying to make a difference for them, despite the trouble that often ensues.....for instance, next month, a soldier wants to bring a rescued puppy home with her when she returns from Iraq, but the military will not allow it and they have confiscated the dog from her.

Please join the thousands of others who have signed a petition supporting Sargeant Beberg and her pup Ratchet. According to the SPCA International, which runs the Operation Baghdad Pups Program, this dog faces certain death if left behind. Their mottos are "No Buddy Gets Left Behind" and "From a War Zone To a Real Home".
Why can't we allow a dedicated soldier this joy, while saving an innocent life at the same time? I can't imagine how she's feeling.

Thanks for helping!


Claudia said...

i don't know of all the "red tape" in brining a dog home but it can't be all that much....oh I hope they let her bring him home!

Shannon said...

Signed the petition and added it to my blog as well.....thanks for the heads up

Denita said...

Hello Susan,
I found your blog through the yahoo group on "All Things Tim" . . . your husband sounds like a real gem! Hang onto him for sure. I also signed the petition and will be adding it to both of my blogs. I have a personal one called "Sacred Space" and one for my thrift store "A Chance at Life" (profits benefit animal rescue) pleas estop in and say hello....