Saturday, October 25, 2008

movie review(s)

Hi there, hope you're enjoying the weekend. It's a gray & rainy weekend here in south Florida, but nonetheless Sal and I managed to sneak in a few hours at the beach this morning before the dark clouds rolled into Delray Beach.

I forgot to mention earlier that I finally went to see The Secret Life of Bees this week. It was a pretty good movie, not excellent though. It's unfortunate that it's not generating more buzz (pun intended), because the story is moving. Emotionally heavy subjects are front-and-center in the plot, particularly the racism of the 1960s. For me, it's so difficult to watch the unfairness, the blatant ignorance and hatred. Makes me sick...and angry! But I was pleased that the screenplay was true to the book. Not like Under The Tuscan Sun, which was a fabulous book but a cinematic disaster. What were they thinking? They deviated so far from the book, it was almost another story entirely. The only thing I liked about that movie was the scenery in Italy. And, by the way!, do you remember that scene where Diane Lane (who played Frances) and her new "friend" (aka Italian hunk) had a *ahem* fun evening? Sal and I have stayed in that same hotel (Albergo California) in Positano where that was filmed, on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast!

But I digress, geez....getting back to the Bees movie. Overall, it was well-acted and had its sweet-as-honey moments. Worth the price of a matinee ticket.

Gotta run. The Office just came on.

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Claudia said...

my sister Rosanna said she wants to read the book. she said their usually better than the movie! but i'm glad this one lived up to the author's storyline!