Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sal's Dad: Thursday afternoon update

Hi everyone.....sorry for the delay in posting today, I had technical difficulties with my blog site.

When Sal and I left the hospital late on Wednesday night, Pasquale seemed to be improving, recovering.....he was singing Italian songs with Sal's Mom, and seemed to be interested in the baseball game that was playing on the TV. The speech pathologist had determined that he could begin swallowing pureed foods.

The hospital called early this morning to tell us that he was worsening, it was a scare. He is now sedated, and on a ventilator in the ICU. The results of another CT brain scan indicate no additional damage from the stroke, which is great news! Apparently his lung function was compromised due to low blood sugar, which they're stabilizing now. They expect him to continue recovering.

All of his 5 children are with him, and are here to support their Mom.....Patricia, Sal, Paul (who arrived from Philadelphia this morning), Mark and Deborah.

I will post updates frequently, as we get news. Nicely, I have my laptop and the hospital has WiFi, so I can blog right from the hospital instead of waiting until we leave late in the evening. Please keep checking back.....I hope to have good news soon.


Jim said...

That's great news Susan. Thanks for keeping us informed.


Claudia said...

we're hoping and praying for the best! hopefully my dad and his sisters are there to be with the family...i'm so glad they went.