Friday, October 3, 2008

Sal's Dad: Friday evening update

Hello everyone.....

Pasquale is in stable condition today; he's still in the ICU, but seems to be resting comfortably. The neurologist said that it's possible that he may be taken off the ventilator on Saturday, terrific!

He's surrounded by lots of family now. His brother Sam and sisters Lidia and Michelle flew in from Philadelphia today. They spent some time with him, singing Italian songs. Pasquale responded by squeezing Michelle's hand. Such a positive sign!

Tonight we're all gathered for a family spaghetti dinner at Sal's parents' house. Despite the sad circumstances, Sal's really enjoying the time with all his family, celebrating life.


Claudia said...

I got a little emotional reading what you wrote about Uncle Pat responding to the Italian melodies sung by his family. I'm so glad that my dad and his sisters could be there. I wish I could be there too. God is there with him in that room and that is such a comfort to me. Please give my love to the family especially to Zia Angela. Thank you.

e_susan94 said...

Hi Susan, I just got your blog link from claudia! Now I can get updates on you and Sal and my Florida family. :)If and when I have a blog, I'll share it with you. I only have facebook right now.
Thanks so much for sharing about Uncle Pat and how well he is getting. I pray that he is home soon and comfortable.

My mom told me that they were singing along his hospital bedside and it brought a smile to my face. I have fond memories of the singing by all the "L's". :)

Thanks for the updates and hope to hear from you soon.