Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sal's Dad: Tuesday afternoon update

Hello everyone.....

Sorry that I didn't update you sooner about Pasquale, but the family has been in and out of lots of meetings and conference calls with his doctors, etc.

He has stabilized somewhat, especially his kidneys. The nephrologist saying that, at this point, dialysis is not necessary, which is very good news!

Pasquale's breathing has unfortunately not improved though. He still needs the assistance of a ventilator, and now the pulmonologist suggests that a tracheostomy be done. That's a minor surgical procedure whereby a breathing tube is inserted into the neck. Then, the ventilator will be re-inserted though it instead of the mouth. This will hopefully minimize infection and allow faster healing of the pneumonia. The surgery is tentatively scheduled for later this week, probably Friday.

Sal and I are heading home to Delray Beach tonight. I'll post again soon.

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Claudia said...

i'm so glad to hear that he won't need dialysis! i'm praying this pnuemonia goes away too and he won't need the ventilator anymore! thanks so much for posting the updates...it means so much!